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Manage Asthma Risks and emergencies in the Workplace

Code: 22282VIC

This course provides participants the necessary information, skills and confidence to assist a person during an asthma 'attack'. The Emergency Asthma course is appropriate for people in a position where they hold a ‘duty of care’, for example sports coaches, childcare workers, preschool teachers, workplaces etc.

There are modules that address specific asthma management issues within specialised settings: Children's services, workplace, schools, sport, remote area and supported care.
On completion participants will be equipped to assess and manage an asthma emergency, be able to recognise signs and symptoms of worsening asthma and to carry out Asthma First Aid.


  • Understanding the asthma process
  • Recognition of asthma,
  • Management of asthma (Including triggers and how to minimise them)
  • Asthma medications and delivery devices.

3 years
 3 hours
Course Materials:   First aid asthma manual, spacer. On completion a nationally accredited statement of attainment
Practical demonstrations
Multiple choice questions
Oral questioning
Course Accreditation:
 The course is nationally recognised through inclusion on the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).